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FierceMC is back!
Hello FierceMC Players!

We are BACK and BETTER!


1. No talking about other servers.
1st Offense: 1 hour mute / Perm ban if blatant advertising
2nd Offense: 1 day ban
3rd Offense: 1 week ban

2. Be respectful to other players and staff.
1st Offense: 5 minute mute
2nd Offense: 12 hour mute
3rd Offense: 1 day ban

3. Do not ask for items/ranks
1st Offense: 5 minute mute
2nd Offense: Kick
3rd Offense: 12 hour mute

4. You are not allowed to give money to other players for the sole purpose of ranking up.
1st Offense: Economy and Inventory Reset
2nd Offense: 2 week ban

5. Don't spam the chat.
1st Offense: 5 minute mute
2nd Offense: Kick
3rd Offense: 1 hour ban

6. No hacking/xray.
1st Offense: Perm Ban

7. Don't give away donor kits or guard kits
1st Offense: Inventory Reset (both players)

8. Use Common Sense
If you think it is a bad idea; don't do it.

This what you will generally see if any of these rules are broken.

Forum Rules:
1. Don't spam
2. Don't post porn/etc.
3. Don't be annoying

Teamspeak Rules:
1. No Micspamming

2. No Racial slurs/etc.
3. Be nice
4. No nick name abusing

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